This bag is of better quality than any expensive luggage that I have ever seen!

  • This bag is of better quality than any expensive luggage that I have ever seen!I ordered this backpack that made me look forward to it. Longchamp le pliage bag, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It is made of a really heavy duty material that I’m sure will last a very, very long time. I’ve actually never heard of the outer material before, it is terylene oxford lawn, but I would definitely buy something made from this again!
  • Longchamp le pliage bag

    Longchamp le pliage bag

  • The color of the material is a very shiny black with subtle pops of red that make it look very nice. The inner material is polyester, and there are several areas of padding for comfort and for protection of your computer and/or tablet. This is a very versatile bag, with several different carrying options.
  • Longchamp bag le pliage

    Longchamp bag le pliage

  • If you are using it for hiking it can easily be made into a backpack by unzipping a “flap” on the back of the bag to expose the padded backpack straps. I love that it has little zipper pouches on the straps so you can keep your money in there, as many sporty outfits don’t have pockets, but I love to have my money to where I can easily grab it. I think the backpack straps are pretty comfortable.
  • Longchamp le pliage sale

    Longchamp le pliage sale

  • They are padded nicely, and there is actually padding on the backpack that lays against your back. It can be carried as a duffle or messenger bag, and comes with a well-made strap with metal clasps that can be attached to use it in this way. It also has small handles that have a nice rubber piece on them that makes it much easier to carry. It comes with a nice little lock which will come in handy if traveling and using this as luggage. It also comes with a carabiner clip which would allow this bag to be hung easily, or make it to where you could clip your keys or water bottle to it. It has a snap on the other end that connects to the leather piece on the front of the bag.
  • There is so much room in this bag! It has a ton of pockets, a total of 10, two of which are padded for your electronics. I think the only thing about the pockets that I would change if I could is the direction of the electronic pockets. The laptop pocket is a side access, and the tablet pocket is a top access, so if you want to get them both out there is some turning and a little fiddling with the bag, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. It does seem pretty water resistant, but it doesn’t claim to be that I have seen, so I definitely wouldn’t submerge it. There is really nothing else negative that I can think to say about this bag. I am overall VERY happy with my purchase and would recommend it to everyone!
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